About MusIT Solutions

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Introduction to MusIT Solutions – Music & IT Solutions

Business card MusIT
Business card MusIT

Would you like a new website for your business, or for your music group or band, or for yourself?
You have too few customers or audience, because they don’t know you exist and have something interesting to offer.
Or you have a lot more information you can offer to your existing customers, than you can tell in a brief conversation or meeting.
You would like to advertize your products, services, or events over the internet or on social media.

Once your own website is published on the internet, this offers major advantages:

  • Searching and finding you (business / music group / yourself) on the internet will be easier.
  • You get a more professional appearance.
  • All information about your products, services, events, or concerts, can be placed on your website (by you or me).
  • If you are a music teacher, you can make your lessons more fun by using social media and your website. Teaching materials can also be included, for example. Like a video to let a student listen to a new piece of music, or an explanation of some recently learnt new notes.
  • You feel happy and satisfied once you’ve handled this.


Who do I deliver these services to?

  • New businesses, self-employed.
  • Starters with international ambition, or an international background. I can offer bilingual websites, in Dutch and English.
  • Starting freelancers.
  • Existing companies / freelancers who have no website yet.
  • Performing musicians.
  • Teaching musicians, music teachers.
  • Other artists.

If you want for me to create your own website, or if you would like to know what I can offer, please contact me.

Other special projects, combining Music & IT

Next to creating websites for businesses and/or freelancers, I will soon also create a website for multiple musicians or music groups. The intention of this is to bring concerts to the attention of visitors more easily.

If you are interested in this, as a musician or group, or if you want to work with me on this website, please let me know what you would be interested in, please contact me.

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