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Nanda Verbrugge

After being a full-time mother abroad for a while, it is time to finally combine several facets of myself with each other, each of which is separately important to me. These comprise:

  • IT: drs. Computer Science, jobs senior application designer, and database designer, and
  • Music: playing the flute and giving flute lessons; and classical musical background; and
  • My international experiences;
  • In addition, I am a woman.

Specifically, I am thinking of special projects in website design and creation for musicians, or music teachers; or making a dedicated website for a larger group of music teachers. Next to that, I think of websites for Dutch or expat freelancers who start up or wish to strengthen their own business: to design and set up a bilingual website for them in Dutch and English.

I want to work for owners of small businesses with an international background or international ambitions; and for musicians and music teachers.

The aim is, professionalizing their business by designing their website with them, and finally realizing their new website.

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